Monday, December 10, 2012

"Glam Nation Live" DVD Review: "Best live album I've ever heard!"

Review By Penny Slade "Pennydreadful" (March 18, 2012)

"Adam Lambert has a phenomenal voice but live it is even better, and I have never said that about another singer ever! Most live albums are poorly done. Bad sound, too much crowd noise and singers too used to not performing up to recording standards, relying on fans excitement to ignore bad pitch and slurring of lyrics. Adam is not like that. In fact a few of the songs I think are better than on the original album! I hope Mr. Lambert produces more live albums from his many many tours to come!

And I love a man in makeup, can't beat it! And someone who revels in their individuality and sexuality and can influence a whole new generation in being proud in themselves as they are and not as others want them to be! Kudos!! I can only hope my son will become as sure and proud of himself as you are!

Love you Adam Lambert, may you have many many more successful years!!"

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