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"Rock and Roll's New Sound"

Reviewed Item: For Your Entertainment (Album) by Adam Lambert

Reviewed Date: November 28, 2009
By Bec "Bec"

Great lyrics and music. The best album since the '70's. I haven't seen this kind of creativity and great sound in decades!
I just want to say that when I first listened to Adam's album, I didn't hear rock and roll because I was listening for the old-fashioned stuff. I listened again, and now I can't NOT hear rock and roll and I LOVE the new sound. It's a fresh, new sound that actually makes the old-fashioned rock and roll sound, well, old-fashioned. (and I was a real Seger fan!) I keep listening to the album because it makes me feel good and I LOVE the sound. I LOVE the music. It's so creative and fantastic that I can listen again and again and still want more. It's so good and so different that I really think this sound will be the future/current genre of R&R.

I haven't loved almost every song on an album since Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.

The ballads are beautiful, too. "Soaked" is unbelievably beautiful. His voice sounds like a cross between Freddie Mercury and the singer I heard singing the lead at the Phantom of the Opera. Beautiful, like rock opera ballad. He changes up the tempo on the second verse. Just beautiful, beautiful sound. Great lyrics.
I can't listen to "Broken Open" enough. It is such a healing song. So beautiful. Spirtually healing.

"Fever" starts off like a pop song but then turns into a hard rock song at the chorus. Makes you sing and dance your heart out. He changes it up, like he does all his songs. So creative and fun.

"Sure Fire Winners", Music Again", "If I had You", and "Strut" are great rock songs with a nod to the 70's rock but also a current, unique sound. Nothing like it. Sure Fire Winners is rock, but man, it makes you want to dance! Love it!!! Catchy, Catchy. Can't listen to it enough. "If I Had You" makes you rock and dance. So unique! The music changes up- nothing boring about any of this music. Amazing!!!
"Pick You Up" makes you want to dance- has a harder rock chorus. Unique, fun.
"Strut" is just amazing. Rock and roll. So different. Great, great, unique.

"Time For Miracles" the movie soundtrack, is a classic rock song with beautiful vocals.

"Sleepwalker" nods to classic rock, and it too, has a fresh current sound. It's beautiful! Very cool!

"Loaded Smile" is a dreamy ballad about conflicting thoughts and feelings as a beautiful relationship perhaps coming to the end of its time. The sound,again, is unique.

"What do you want from me" is a rock/pop/ballad. Just beautiful and heart felt.

"For Your Entertainment" is a pop song. The lyrics have double meaning. One describes the relationship between performer and audience- Adam commanded and mesmerized his audiences on his AI tour.

(LOVING 13 out of 14 songs is not bad!) Enjoying this like crazy. Listening to this album over and over and over. He's number one in my book of music out there. Right up with the other greats- Freddie, Queen.
And this is his FIRST album?!

THANK YOU, Adam!!!

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