Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fabulous package from Glam Tour

Reviewed Item: Glam Nation Live DVD, by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: "kat23morgan"

This DVD/CD is amazing....I went to two of his concerts last summer with my daughter and a friend of hers...This man has a truly amazing voice...and amazing performance quality. He also is breathtakingly beautiful. The CD and DVD give you an idea what his Glam Tour concert was much fun...The audiences were very diverse...and it was like a big party....If you love a gifted voice...that does not need editing ...autotuning....then you will love this package deal of his live performance. My only issue with it is I wish he had chosen one of the concerts where he did Wanna Whole Lotta the Foxwood concert...that was truly amazing rendition of that classic rock song...But this is such a fun DVD and CD set....wonderful

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