Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Funky, fierce & fun! Love it"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: Lorna

With most CDs I buy, I do an initial run through the tracks, listening to some - usually not all - of each before going back to listen to the two or three I actually like, which I then transfer to my Favorites list on my iPod. With Trespassing, my usual pattern was up-ended, because I could not stop listening to ANY of the tracks. I listened to the CD straight through and then again and then again and it basically has not stopped playing in my CD player or on my iPod ever since. I've moved almost all of the songs to my Favorites list. This CD is THAT good. There simply are no must-skip tracks, no filler tracks that leave you bored. With many CDs by solo artists, the sound of a singer's voice can get repetitive, making it hard to listen to the whole thing at once. Somehow, Adam manages to avoid this, probably because he has so many ways to use that marvelous voice of his, from achingly poignant ballads ("Outlaws of Love") to funky jams ("Shady") to fun, can't-sit-still-while-listening dance numbers ("Cuckoo," "Pop That Lock"). Even songs I didn't love at first listen -- "Kickin' In" and "Naked Love" -- have grown on me enormously; now they are among my favorites.

As others have said, the album splits in two, with the faster-paced dance numbers up front, including the rousing "Trespassing," a fun song with a serious message that gives a taste of Adam's glorious rock wail and teases with the promise of how he will sound rocking to "Another One Bites the Dust" when he takes the stage with Queen this summer. Another favorite: new single "Never Close Our Eyes," a poignant, seize-the-day throbber. Song eight ("Better Than I Know Myself") begins the transition to ballads and mid-tempo rockers; it is my least favorite track on the CD, yet still listenable. Stirring ballad "Underneath" is a vocal tour-de-force, a goosebump-inducing song about revealing yourself, sins and all, to your lover. "Chokehold" is a mid-tempo rocker with an earworm of a chorus; another of my faves. The deluxe edition has three bonus tracks that are bonus for a reason: they don't quite fit the sound of the first 12, but they're nice extras to have. "Runnin'" has become a fan favorite, with a deep-key beginning and higher finish; not my favorite, but I still like it. The closer, "Nirvana," is lush and beautiful: love it.

In short - if you're looking for shake-your-ass FUN dance music, pick up Trespassing. If you want soulful funky neo-Prince jams, pick up Trespassing. If you want to swoon along with sweet, sad, tender vocals from one of the best singers on the planet, pick up Trespassing. No matter what mood you are in, you'll find a musical match on this peerless CD, which quite deservedly took the No. 1 spot in the Billboard 200 in its debut week. Buy it. You won't regret it.

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