Monday, January 7, 2013

"Glam Nation Live The Perfect RX"

Reviewed Item: Glam Nation Live DVD, by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: Judith

Do you sometimes feel you are on the brink of a virtual mental and physical overload ? Overwhelmed by the stress of daily life ? Do you feel the need to escape from the hectic pace,even for a short time ? Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Live DVD,is the perfect RX ! Crank up the sound ,sit back,kick up your feet,relax and let the music take you wherever you'd like to be ! It's staggering to think he is singing live ! The clarity of his vocals,and watching his command of the stage is almost like being at the live concert . From the start the rousing FYE , Voodoo & Down The Rabbit Hole will have you dancing in your seat. The stunning Ring Of Fire, WWFM, Sleepwalker,Soaked and Aftermath will simply amaze you . Catch your breath as he kicks it up a notch again, back to the foot stomping sound of Sure Fire Winners,Strut,Music Again,If I Had You and 20th Century Boy.There you have it.Guaranteed the daily stress will be a distant memory. You will be dancing,singing,cheering and grinning from ear to ear after experiencing Glam Nation Live !

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