Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Purple Rain Move Over"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: MisterC

When I first heard Purple Rain by Prince when I was a teen I was bowled over. I'd never heard anything quite like it. It turned me onto Prince and musically changed my world, opened musical vistas I'd never thought I'd get to know. Every single song rocked me and even now it's still a favorite on the MP3 player. This CD is like that. There is not one weak song in the bunch. Lambert is just superb and if he doesn't walk with slew of awards for this 2nd CD I will be very surprised. Shady made me laugh and groove. (I just loved that sly bit of Nile Rogers Funk!) Underneath just about broke my heart listening. Trespass had me dancing like an excited teenager in the supermarket aisle while picking my darned groceries off the shelf!

People give me a hard time for admitting I like him sometimes, but this is exactly why I listen to Lambert, intently watch his career progress like he's the Second Coming of Elvis even though I'm old enough to be his parent, literally. This brave and talented young man deserves every ounce of success he gets. He just reaches clear across the generations and connects straight with the heart. You can't help but end up liking and respecting him if you really give him a chance and listen to him.

At this point I honestly don't think there isn't much he can't sing. (FYI, I'm a serious vocalist, been studying and singing all my life, so I'm tough on that score. You gotta have some serious pipes to impress me and for the record 95% of the people up on stage today? They just don't.) But whatever, I digress.

Whenever Adam Lambert sings, I will absolutely be listening. Trespass? Grab it. This one is a keeper. This guy is this generation's Elvis, it's Prince, it's Mercury, it's Bowie. 25 years from now? This CD will be considered "an early classic" and this guy? He'll be a revered R&P legend. All the people who are trying to discount what this guy can do for whatever reason? You mark my words. They will be eating their words over him because Adam Lambert is absolutely the real deal.

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