Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Adam needs to do more Trespassing"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: ZheyAyoK

It took me awhile, but I finally warmed up to this album. Now I love listening to it. Obviously, Adam has an incredible voice, but it seems like he was more focused on song writing this time around. I remember seeing an interview of Adam that said that For Your Entertainment was pushed out very quickly. It certainly established Adam as an artist, but didn't go much outside of the genre of pop.

He didn't exactly remake the same album, but I was hoping for more than pop, which he did a subpar job at. I hear a disco influence, some rock sprinkled in, . A lot of what he did on this album was what Rihanna did on TALK THAT TALK. Clearly, electronic but some of it is on the verge of dubstep, which I'm a fan of. I do agree with some critical reviews that he should be singing other stuff, but I think he is right for this genre too.

If you ask me POP THAT LOCK & BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF is the best demonstration of what Adam's general taste are. Reason being that these songs sound stylistically very similar to his two hits from his last CD IF I HAD YOU & WHATAYA WANT FROM ME, respectively. He's so talented at turning on the attitude and then turning around and demonstrating his vulnerability, which makes his voice fit the music so well. Its this ability that allows him to create a multi-dimensional album. The 1st 7 songs are all attitude & crazy fun fast pace dance type music. Beginning with BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF and ending with OUTLAWS OF LOVE are all mid-slow tempo songs that tap into the darker side of his mind. The 3 bonus tracks are an awesome addition with a rock ballad influence that made the push back of the date for the debut of TRESSPASSING worth it.

I just hate that what are some of the best songs on the album are on the deluxe version, so in order to get those 3 songs I had to spend another $4 and that's after I bought the regular version for $5. It drives me crazy that popular artists can't just put out an album and include the whole experience. For this I give it 4 stars. But also because I know Adam can do better than this. I think its a great album, but I want it to be AMAZING. He should get together with Juliet Simms and make an album. Both their voices are awesome and the music that could be born with the talents would probably leave me dazed with no socks and hair in a frenzie.

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