Friday, March 29, 2013

Brian Mansfield's Review of "Underneath"

Underneath (Tom Shapiro, Catt Gravitt, Josh Crosby, Adam Lambert).

In some ways, this haunting ballad's the most interesting song on the album. First off, Tom Shapiro's better known as a country songwriter, with cuts on the new albums from Casey James and Carrie Underwood. And, with its promises of secret confidences and unrevealed truths, it offers a near-irresistible lure, especially to those who feel that, as an artist, Adam gets, at best, misunderstood and, more likely, maligned. "Everybody wants to talk about a freak/Nobody wants to dig that deep/Let me take you underneath," he sings, beginning a journey that ends with "Welcome to my world of truth/I don't want to hide any part of me from you."

-Brian Mansfield

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