Friday, March 1, 2013

"Is There ANYTHING This Man Can't Do?!?"

Reviewed Item: Is Anybody Listening? by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: leeskerette

As far as I'm concerned, Adam Lambert's voice is without parallel. I LOVE his pop and rock numbers, but -above all- I am captivated by his range. He can sing ballads, anthems, show tunes and cabaret with equal conviction. I have it all on iTunes, and regularly treat myself to the vast array of this artist's catalogue ... but one number I absolutely MUST get a "fix" of at least once a week is this one ~ "Is Anybody Listening?"

Adam has divulged the fact that, during this production (The Ten Commandments), he was asked by the director if he could tone down his performance, and make it "less gay" ... Adam, you GO for the gay ... or whatever it is you want to do, because your instincts have been shown to be impeccible. This rendition of the song is deliciously over the top, as only Adam Lambert can do it. And, listening to the way he hits every note with perfection reminds me how fortunate I am to be here to see the emergence and rise of such a phenomenal talent.

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