Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Pop/rock that's good for your ears and soul"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: Saufley

Upon first listen, as a fan, I may have been seduced and hypnotized by Adam's voice, but the complexity and layers of his vocals make this CD ALBUM a masterwork. You cannot just download a single here and there; please spend a little more and you will NOT be disappointed. Even on random play, all the songs are cohesive to Adam's vision, despite his interview-friendly explanation of light/dark progression of tunes through the CD.

There are a variety of pop rock influences throughout, from '70s rock, '80s disco and funk, '90's driving house music, to simply very personal ballads (Underneath, Outlaws of Love), but the main thing that holds it all together, intentionally, is his voice, whether layered in the dance pop tunes, or up front and center in ballads. He's also exploring new dimensions with dub-step influenced songs such as the unique and seductive Broken English and (in the deluxe version) the unearthly and ethereal Nirvana.

He said early on that he clearly heard that his fans wanted his voice to be front and center, not buried by hurried production and uncertain direction post-Idol. All the songs on this CD make his voice front and center, and in very creative ways. You will not be disappointed. This CD ALBUM is not just a collection of songs, it is an oeuvre.

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