Thursday, January 3, 2013

"A Solid Sophomore Album Lambert Can Be Proud Of!"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: GarytheCableGuy

My girlfriend introduced me to the music of Adam Lambert.My own personal tastes have run from some pop to soft and hard rock to southern rock and some alt rock. But I've also always valued great vocal and interpretive ability in a lead singer.That's where Lambert hooked me.He has an incredible range along with versatility and perfect phrasing as well as power and control.I don't believe there's anything he CAN'T sing.
The direction he took on this one is, in my opinion, remarkably different than he did on his first album (which I've listened to many times, again, thanks to my GF)
He seems to have really come into his own on this one.I won't go into who produced or wrote what track because unless I'm writing their checks, I don't really care. The end result, the product is what interests me. In a word, this product is fantastic.(I was going to say "awesome" but I've seen that adjective so much I wanted to change it up)
Though I can certainly hear influences that harken back to others (Queen,Prince, MJ, Cher to name a few) Lambert manages to take classic pop and rock sensibilities and bring them into the present for a fresh feel and sound that is a unique talent itself.
I won't bore you with which tracks are my favorites or why....that changes anyway.I'll simply say that there is not a track on this album that I fast-forward. I don't dance but some of the faster (funkier) tracks make me want to move and tap my toes! In short, if you are thinking about purchasing this...think no more. Just do it.You'll be glad you did.I know I am. Enjoy!

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