Thursday, January 3, 2013

"One of a kind artist and One of a kind album"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: J. Hong Mama

I've never been so fascinated by any artist until Adam Lambert. After listening to him, my ears are just got spoiled. If anyone watched Adam Lambert on American Idol season 8, seldomly can deny his amazing voice and the natural showmanship, but I was blown away by many of this pre-idol performances such as theatre work "Come to Me, Bend to Me" , "If Anybody Listening" and what he does in Wicked - LA production. Since then I glued to him, see his ups and downs, follow his Glam Nation tour, and dream of the day that the whole wide world will recognize tihs one of a kind of talent like I see. His first album For Your Entertainment was out in about 2 months during his IDOL tour, and barely has one or two TV promotions before it came out, this one, he got time on his hand, and he was patient!!!! He pushed the release date twice to perfect it. Some of our fans are becoming kind of impatient, inculding me, but we stay strong and waited, and waited, and wow, it didn't disappoint!!! I love the concept of light and dark side: half of the songs (like Shady, Pop that Lock, Kick In and Trespassing) took you to dancing floor and forget all the troubles, and another half dig deep inside of your emotion (Underneath, Running....). My favorite track is Trespassing, Shadey, Pop that Lock, Broken English, Underneath, Running , Take Bake & Nirvana.... Oh, can I just say all of them:-)

One critism that I've heard so far is the variety of style that Adam's album include... To me, it is why I love him, and why his Album or his live shows are interesting - not one song is the same, and even one song he will sing different almost each time. If they're about the same, I will just buy single. In addition, it shows off his one of a kind of talent: he can sing like broadway star, rock star or a pop star, and he got the look, style and personality made him just one complete package. You can pick a lot of male pop start out there who has the complete package!!

Another critism that I've heard is that it is not the ROCK album that they expected. I get the disappointment for those we love Adam as a rock god, but you can't give it a ONE star review just because he didn't make a ROCK album. You should review it based on POP. It is clearly listed on iTunes & everywhere as POP album. E.g., I don't go rate a ROCK album that it is not pop enough, or rate a country album not ROCK enough. Adam likes pop and rock. He always gives the songs some rock edge when he performs live, and you can look forward to that. Also he is performing with rock legend Queen's remaining band member Brian and Roger this summer in Europe, and one with Elton John. The rock Adam is still rocking, no doubt about it!!

Ok, if none of what I said here or the snippets convinced you, please give it a listen at for the entire album and decide!!

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