Friday, January 4, 2013

"A wonderful Pop surprise for a NON-Pop fan!"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: Mac

I have to say right upfront that I don't like much pop music. I don't like the simple-mindedness and arrogance, the lack of freshness, the sub-par instrumentals, I don't like the over-the-board electronics and production. The state of the genre in 2012 is in my opinion abysmal: studded with self-involved "stars" with little talent, no real vocal ability, a lot of auto-tuning, gang-borne posturing, non-innovative songs.
So, although I am a fan of Adam's first album and of Adam as a person, I was wary of this album. I have spent weeks searching out the accoustic versions of these new songs online, feeling certain that the studio versions on the album would fall short for me.
I was wrong. On so many levels. Adam Lambert has re-introduced me to what I loved about pop YEARS ago. This album is an absolutely amazing collection of songs that speak to your need to get up and dance, to your mourning for lost loves, for your yearning to take a stand for yourself in a difficult world. They are musically, sonically superior to much of what is out there, and Adam's soaring, sure-footed vocals are the icing on the cake. There is not a single song on the album that I haven't played on repeat. The fact that Adam was heavily involved in writing 12/15 songs and is executive producer for the album, speaks to his enormous vision and talent.
As others have mentioned, don't deprive yourself of the Deluxe version: the three extra songs are some of the best on the album.
This collection is destined for greatness when Grammy nominations come around.

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