Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Prince of Pop"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: sandy2696

The Adam Lambert "Trespassing" album (which the fans have been long awaiting) was definitely worth the frustration of the debut delays. Every song is a pop masterpiece and can stand on its own. "Trespassing" is an incredible anthemic song championing individuality. "Chokehold" is such a silky atmospheric sound it just oozes in your ears. No way you can sit still when "Kickin' In" is playing --it literally forces you up on the dance floor (or your living room floor). "Shady" is such a great collaboration with Sam Sparrow and Nile Rodgers---love the bridge. What do you say about "Underneath" or "Outlaws of Love" except they are emotional and powerful--both deserve a Grammy Nod. Love the chorus of "Broken English" and "Cuckoo". "Pop that Lock" shows the vocal gymnastic ability of Adam Lambert's voice. "Naked Love" is going to definitely be a crowd pleaser when he performs live. Who would think "Runnin'" which was an add on to the album would be so great. Bottom line is this album rivals any of the No.ONE Pop Albums past and present. The voice of Adam Lambert is one to be reckoned with --it is so amazing that he will even sound better when he performs these songs live. Already heard him on the Kimmel Show, GMA Show and IHEARTRADIO concert--proof that he sits above so many of the artists out there now who have to be auto tuned to sound half way decent or lip synch their songs when they perform live. Can't wait to see him on tour. You need to add this album to your collection. Don't forget his single out there now--"Never Close Our Eyes"--get that on your IPOD too.

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