Friday, January 11, 2013

"I don't wanna hide any part of me from you..."

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: Adrienne

Adam Lambert has done it again! Another fun and entertaining album from start to finish. I'll admit when I first played this album I thought "Trespassing" was lacking energy and emotion. But with repeated listenings, I began to enjoy and immerse myself in the crazy, eccentric world of Glambert! First off, Adam's voice is still out-of-this-world! And I like that he co-wrote 12 out of the 15 tracks and I would definitely buy the deluxe edition, the 3 bonus tracks are amazing!! The first half of "Trespassing" is funky and carefree and the second half is more introspective. My favorite tracks include: "Underneath", "Outlaws of Love", "Kickin' In" (love the beat), "Never Close Our Eyes", "Nirvana" (gives me chills), "Broken English", "Runnin'" (the best song), and the title-track. You can tell Adam had a lot of fun making this album. This is the perfect summer record and it helps that Adam looks hot on the cover! Buy it today people!

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