Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Deeper than it first appears"

Reviewed Item: Trespassing (Album) by Adam Lambert
Reviewer: Geri

The first time I heard Trespassing, I was a little bewildered. There were two or three standout tunes, but there also seemed to be a bunch of superficial dance music. I was WRONG! Now that I've listened to it hundreds of times (it is the only CD I play in my car plus I use it when I do my 2 mile walk) I have started to really appreciate its heart-wrenching honesty (even in the dance songs, which really aren't superficial at all). Adam may possibly reveal a bit less of his vocal fireworks, but when he does it is so spot-on. He has a magnificent voice and in Trespassing he employs it in the interest of emotional truth. Highly recommended!!!

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