Thursday, June 13, 2013

"A Man Who Knows How to do Pop Music"

REVIEWED ITEM: For Your Entertainment (Album)
REVIEWER: Jonathan

Adam Lambert's debut was highly anticipated, far more than Kris Allen's, the winner of American Idol. Fans were curious to see where he would take his music, since it seemed he had artistic control over the project. What Adam gives the masses is truly strong album of pop that also delves a bit into arena rock, theater, and adult contemporary, all crafted into a cohesive artistic statement, even without a general theme.

The album couldn't have begun better than with Music Again, bursting with energy and popping with joy. The rest of the album suffers slightly because of it, as there is no equivalent later in the track listing. However, the rest of the songs show such range that it's difficult to criticize. The five ballads on the album are spaced well, with mid- to up-tempos weaved amongst them, though never too jarring. Adam's voice is the greatest instrument on the album, be it when he wails on the chorus of the stomping Strut, restrains his vocals on affected Whataya Want From Me, or becomes a desolate portrait on the eery Broken Open. He owns each note making it count, and if he doesn't seem quite emotionally invested enough, he has plenty of time for that in the years to come.

The album at its core is very much pop. The older crowd that may have liked him on American Idol won't find a lot to enjoy because of it, but it seems clear that this is the type of artist Adam wanted to become. The more rock-influenced songs, such as the aforementioned Music Again, the anthemic Sure Fire Winners, and the Linda Perry co-penned Pick U Up. It all adds to the final product, which is Adam as the glamorized pop rock god that he was always destined to be.

For Your Entertainment is a very strong record. A good six of seven singles could have been promoted from the project, and yet the general public was left with three, only one of which (the gorgeous Whataya Want From Me) painted the album favorably. It is quite the listening experience; no matter what genre Adam takes on, it all feels like he's bringing his best.

Recommended Songs: Music Again, Whataya Want From Me, Pick U Up, and the power ballad Sleepwalker

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