Monday, June 10, 2013

"Emotional, Strengthening, Sexy, and IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE"

REVIEWED ITEM: For Your Entertainment (Album)

I absolutely love this album. Adam portrays emotions so well with his voice, and I love it.
Music Again- Completely perfect description of love. If you've been hurt before (and who hasn't?) and you have FINALLY found the person who mended you, this song will describe it in perfect detail. Plus, it's really catchy, and the switching audio at the beginning is really cool.
For Your Entertainment- ULTIMATE sexy song. This is the kind of song that makes you want to go crazy on your lover and just plain ravish them. Or take a cold shower. Or both.
Whataya Want From Me- Great for when you're feeling down and just want to scream from the rofftops that YOU CAN'T TAKE THIS S*** ANYMORE!
Strut- Sexy and fabulous. You can strut like a model to this. Or not.
Soaked- Soft and emotionally raw. His voice is absolutely gorgeous in this.
Sure Fire Winners- This is an ANTHEM. For you underdogs out there, if you have a bad day, PLAY THIS. It'll make you feel like the f***ing king or queen of the world.
A Loaded Smile- This song is nice for when you're relaxing or trying to be calm. His vocals are smoothe and the beat slow and low key.
If I Had You- Oh, the irony. Adam portrays the utter joy a person would feel if the person they loved were to love them back, with a fun, funky vibe. Ironic because he has a sexy Finnish boyfriend.
Pick U Up- This song is, ultimately, a pick me up. The fun beat and catchy lyrics will get stuck in your head and drive you a little bit crazy, but you won't care when you're bopping along to this! Super fun to sing in the car, just DO NOT HEADBANG. You may hit some innocent bystander and that would not be good.
Fever- So HOT. Just saying. The live performance of this song includes Adommy kisses and adlibbing. But it's worth it.
Sleepwalker- Soft, slow beats and strong but delicate vocals make up this incredible number, with a funky but sad vibe perfect for days when you don't want to get out of bed.
Aftermath- Cheesy, but a great song to help you feel better when you feel hopeless. I sing this often.
Broken Open- Quiet and lovely. This is the song to sing to someone who has suffered trauma or has lost someone. If YOU lost someone or suffered trauma, listen to this OVER AND OVER. You won't regret it.
Time For Miracles- Great ending to a great album, this song sums up how no matter what happens, you will always have a silver lining.
If you can, also find his songs Master Plan and Down The Rabbit Hole. Both are awesome and it sucks that they're not on the album.

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